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Should You Join the Military to Pay Off Student Loan Debt?

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One benefit of a college education is the ability to pursue many job opportunities. Recent graduates with unpaid student loans should consider opportunities that place them in the best position to pay off the debt and of course since the military helps pay for college, Is it worth it to join the military to help get rid of student loan debt?

Let’s look at the reasons, and the pros and cons.

Reasons to Consider Military Service:

There are many reasons for a recent college graduate to consider the military.

Pros and Cons: 

For some people, It’s difficult to appreciate/understand the sacrifices made by the people in our military, but there are plenty of benefits to make up for that lack of appreciation. Here are some pros:

  •    A guaranteed paycheck, room, and board. You receive a regular paycheck and benefits that include medical for you and your family. Marissa Duran
  •    A month of paid vacation every year and the opportunity to fly free, or at a significant discount.
  •    Free training. Your degree may not be in a marketable skill, so having a second career, paid for by the military, is highly desirable

But as with all things, there are some disadvantages to consider as well:  

  •    Commitment. The military offers little flexibility on what you do with your time. Their needs always come first. It is best to accept this before you join. 
  •    You will spend time away from your family. Sometimes you may not know when you will return. This can be very difficult.
  •    Working within the chain of command can be trying, but will be essential.

The military has a solid record in working with people who are paying off large student loans. If you are attracted to all of the benefits of serving, it may be worth it to join the military to help get rid of student loan debt. If military service doesn’t sound like it’s right for you, make sure to check out our other resources for more information about student debt relief options and your financial freedom.