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Jennifer Rosene rocks! Thank you for guiding me through the process of reducing the amount I spend monthly on my student loans! Student Loan Guidance Group has been handling my student loans for two years….

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The Student Loan Crisis

We live in a country where 10 percent of college graduates who carry student loan debt will eventually default on their loans, finding themselves in serious need of financial assistance.

Let’s face it, no one wants to be stuck paying on student loans well into their retirement years, but the cold, hard truth of the matter is that few people are able to rid themselves of the debt without some type of assistance. The average student graduates with over $26,000 of debt to their name…and that’s before interest.

We guide our customers through the red tape of alternative government-based programs that are set up through the Department of Education. We can also help you consolidate your student loan by dealing directly with loan companies on your behalf and can, in some cases, help get your student loans 100 percent forgiven.

Student Loan Guidance Group is here to help. There is no need to spend your hard-earned money on high payments, interest, and fees when we can work with you to get you the relief you need.

Did you know?

The national student debt is growing at a rate of



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Our goal is to help you enroll in the best, most effective program that will suit your student loan needs. You will receive your official approval over the phone in just minutes.

Leverage our expertise for your benefit.

We match thousands of student loan borrowers with federal programs that are offered by The Department of Education to consolidate and lower their current Federal student loans. We help you take advantage of the latest forgiveness programs put in place by Congress that could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Personalized plan for every person.

When you get started you’ll be provided with your own dedicated student loan expert. They’ll work closely with you to ensure questions are answered and the plan designed for you is properly executed. We help you prepare all the required paperwork for The Department of Education to process your consolidation & enrollment. We can help you at any stage and ultimately save you time, money, and stress.

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