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fedloan servicing

Managing Your Student Loans With FedLoan

FedLoan Servicing If you take out a student loan and there is a federal loan component in your overall financial assistance package, the US government doesn’t actually hang on to…


How To Use Studentloans.gov To Regain Your Financial Freedom

Should you use StudentLoans.gov? When the Internal Revenue Service shut down its Data Retrieval Tool federal student loan borrowers were left frustrated and confused. More than two months later, this feature…

Student Advocate

A Student Advocate Can Help Guide You Along The Way

By now everybody is familiar with the problems caused by student loans, whether you graduated recently or years ago. But we often ignore how student loans affect credit scores. Mismanaging…

Student Loan Forgiveness Form

There’s a way to significantly lower student debt payments, hardly anyone using it

People Ignoring The Student Loan Forgiveness Form By the time most people graduate from college this spring, they will have an average of $36,000.00 in student loan debt. Then comes…

Education Loan Consolidation
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A Nightmare For College Students: Student Loans But No Degree

When thinking about student loans, the big concern tends to be: Will a paycheck follow the degree I am going after? And will that salary cover daily expenses, as well…

dont get tax return seized

Student Loan Defaulted = Tax Return Seized

Student Loan Default = Potentially Having Your Tax Return Seized! Did you know that to the federal government, defaulting on your student loans is considered almost as serious as not…


5 Steps To Avoid Having Your Tax Return Garnished

It’s tax time and you know what that means – Tax Returns! While many people are planning how to spend their tax returns, for some unlucky student loan borrowers, their…

Pay Back Student Loans

Most Effective Ways to Pay Back Student Loans

Did you know that a recent study showed that Americans owe almost $1.3 trillion in student loan debt? There are over 43 million borrowers and they are all trying to…

Consolidating Student loans credit improving

Consolidating Student Loans Can Improve Fico Credit Score’s

Consolidating Student Loans is One Of The Most Effective Ways To Improve Your Student Loan Debt, Not To Mention Your Credit Score!

Paying back student loans

5 Tips To Pay Off Student Debt

Still Paying Off Student Loan Debt? Here are a Few Tips Some college graduates spend half their lives or more repaying student debt. That’s a long time, and it ends…