About Us l Providing Student Loan Help Since 2016

About Us

We deliver on our promise to help enroll our customers into the best, most effective program all while educating them on available options.
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Providing Student Loan Help For Prior Students

Through Loan Consolidation, Payment Reductions And Loan Forgiveness Programs

We provide each person/client with a personalized exit strategy, Saving them time and money, along the path towards financial freedom. Ultimately helping relieve you of the tremendous burden being created by student loan debt.  We do this by evaluating your situation, taking all factors into consideration and then exploring the best available options for you and your situation. If you need Student Loan Help of just have questions, feel free to give us a call.

Who We Are

Student Loan Guidance Group is a privately owned company assisting people like you, identify government approved programs that may be of benefit to you, Help gather the required application documentation and then completing those documents for your review before submitting on your behalf.
We make sure our services are affordable and work with our clients. Our main goal is to take the frustration, that most of us have endured, out of the process. Upon receipt of all information from you, we will complete the application forms required for the DOE program(s) that you chose. We offer expedited delivery of all documents that are needed for your approval, signature and for your direct submission to the DOE. We then monitor the application progress and provide you with current updates along the way. We are also available on a month-month basis for those that would like the additional help.
Free Eligibility Check

At Student Loan Guidance Group, we can determine your eligibility and communicate options available to you absolutely free of charge. There is no risk involved in determining your eligibility. You owe it to yourself to apply.

Qualify in 10 minutes or less

Student Loan Guidance Counselors are standing by to provide you with needed Student Loan Help. With our fast, easy to complete process, we can give you your results within minutes. Don’t wait any longer and take advantage today.

Striving to help students out of debt

Are your payments piling up and becoming unbearable? Are your so far behind that now you face tax garnishment or even possible wage garnishments because of them? Student Loan Guidance Group is here to save the day and help those who are struggling with their Federal Student Loans! Go ahead and fill out our contact form so that our Guidance Counselors can contact you and get you the relief you deserve through the Department of Education Programs!

We provide consulting & document processing services that help’s enable consumers to identify government programs that may be suitable to their situation like individuals seeking to consolidate their Federal Student Loans resulting in affordable and manageable monthly payments.

We have a diversified set of employees who are professional, experienced, highly trained and courteous. No company can rival the success we have with our clients through the Department of Education. Call us today to find how you can benefit from using our services.

Meet Our Clients

Eliminating student loan debt with actual results!

We look at every possible repayment option from education loan consolidation to partial loan forgiveness programs to find the one that best suits your gaol.

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Guiding current and former students alike.

Whatever situation you’re in, We can still help. Doesnt matter if you’re behind on payments or current on them; we can save you money!